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Question: Why do I need to apply for planning permission?
Answer: Planning legislation is in place to help to protect the environment in which we all live, work and play, and local planning authorities control this process by there own planning policies and planning guidelines.
Question: What is Planning Permission?
Answer: In general terms planning are mainly interested in the appearance of a development and its visual and sometimes environmental impact on its neighbours and the surroundings. The details of a particular proposal will determine the type of planning application required, and therefore the amount of information required to support it. Both national and local planning guidance is in place to help with this process, some of which may be available on your local planning authority web-site.
Question: I live on a farm and don’t need to apply for planning permission for buildings for my farm animals, why                   do I need to do it for my horses?

Answer: From a planning point of view, equestrian facilities are generally provided for recreation or sport, rather than agriculture, so if you are considering changing the use of an existing building, such as a barn or shippon to stables, (whether you intend to carry out any significant conversion work or not), this is generally viewed as a planning issue by most Local Planning Authorities.
This can also be the case if you want to create larger yard or hard standing areas, parking areas, creating ménages, arenas, even in some cases establishing new entrances into existing fields.

Question: How long will the preparation of an equestrian planning application take?
Answer: That depends entirely upon the complexities of your particular requirements. Generally speaking we should be able to get to see you, within a week or so of your initial contact with us. Once we’ve actually seen the site and discussed everything with you, we’ll be able to determine what is required and give you a good idea of the time involved in the preparation of the application.
Question: How long will the planning process take?
Answer: All planning authorities are measured on the amount of time they take to deal with planning applications and they should be dealt with in 8 weeks, although allowing for the planning authorities administrative procedures, this can be closer to 10 or in some cases 12 weeks.
Question: How long does a planning approval last for?

Answer: Most planning approvals give you three years to start the work you’ve applied for, you don’t have to have completed the work in three years just have it started, so if you have had planning approved for an extension to existing stables and a new stable block, but you’ve only done one of them in the three year timescale, the permission is still ‘live’ for the element you haven’t built yet and you can build that at some time in the future.

Although not so common, some planning approvals are granted for a temporary period of time, usually varying between 12 months and 5 years.

Question: Is it true that stables won’t require planning permission if they are built in my garden?
Answer: If you’re thinking of building your stables in your garden, then you maybe able to avoid a planning application and build your stables under something called ‘permitted development rights’. Your local planning department should be able to tell you whether or not you’ve got permitted development rights, but generally speaking, if your house has got permitted development rights, then you should be able to build small stables without requiring planning permission. It’s well worth getting this in writing from your local planning department and quite often something called a Certificate of Lawful Development may need applying for to achieve this.
It’s also worth checking your property deeds, to see if they have any restrictions or covenants that need to be considered as well.
Question: Why don’t I go straight to a stable supplier or ménage contractor to sort out my planning application?
Answer: You can do that, although it’s important to remember that most contractors and suppliers generally are not planning experts, whereas we are. Many suppliers or contractors will be able to give you very detailed information about how their products are built and they may even be able to let you have basic drawings, to use as part of the application package, but very few of them will be able to offer the expertise required to put a good application package together, to give you the best chance of success. We find that many customers have already been down the route of preparing an application themselves, with help from a prospective supplier, with the end result of a lot of frustration and an unsuccessful application.
Using an independent planning consultant, will also mean that you will remain independent from suppliers, you will receive impartial advice and it will leave you free to choose whose products and services you want to use at the end of the day.
Question: How much do your services cost?

Answer: That depends entirely upon what you would like us to do for you, we base our fees solely on the level of involvement and the amount of work involved . Once we’ve had a discussion with you and determined your needs, we can generally give you a good indication of the costs involved, over the phone. Usually we’ll need to see the site before we can give you a detailed quotation for our services, itemising costs for the different services that we can offer you.

We will be able to offer you a menu of services, where you choose what you would like us to do for you, ranging from basic advice and preparation of the planning application package, right through to sorting everything out for you and scheme completion. We
always endeavour to give you a fixed price quotation for our services, rather than an estimate – that way you know exactly how much each element of the work is going to cost you, so you can use us only where you feel you need us, leaving you in full control of your budget.

Question: What if I know what I want, but don’t know where I want it?
Answer: We’ll be able to offer advice about this, whether it’s related to buildings, a ménage, parking areas, horse paths, etc. We’ll always ask questions to prompt that you consider both your current needs and also any likely future developments of your yard or stables, but it’s also worth remembering that planning considerations may determine the proposed location of some of the things you’re considering as well.

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